'all mine
you have to be…’

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I needed this on my blog.

- I hate ties

Another sweater?

Yeah… another XD

Ariel Sweater


Space: The Final Frontier []


Followers Gift: Sugary Bones Tights

I know, I know …

There are already thousands of tights like these available for download.

But I just wanted these =]

The design was borrowed from here

Categories: Everyday | Formal | Athletic | Sleepwear | Career | Outerwear

Available as pants and as stockings

Credits: Shoes by Modish Kitten  | MYOS | Base Game | Anubis; Clothing by UL | Modish Kitten | Sim it up | Picky Pikachu | Shock and Shame.

  · I’m back…

Hi guys… I’m back with my site and my tumblr.

Sorry about the problems with my tumblr downloads, I’ll post everything again soon.

You know… RL is just hard sometimes… 

I want to say thank you for sunset  and for those who miss me somehow <3